Apply For Business Loan for Traders, Distributors & Dealers

(Loans starting from Rs. 25 lacs to Rs. 25 Cr)

Secured & Unsecured Working Capital Loan for Trading Business in India

(Loan From Rs. 10 Lacs to Rs. 25 Crores at Attractive Interest Rates)

Trading business is always in need for funds for various purposes. It can be either be for working capital loans to meet day to day operational expenses or to meet increased work load or to purchase new office or warehouse. With our 10+ years of expertise in SME Finance, we understand needs of Trading business thoroughly & we are better equipped to extend customized solutions for our clients. We arrange secured working capital loans up to Rs. 25 Crores & collateral free loans for traders up to Rs. 3 crores from our lending partners, through our technology enabled platform.

Following loans are available for Traders, Distributors & Dealers :
  • Secured Working Capital Loan up to Rs. 25 Crores
  • Unsecured collateral free business loans up to Rs. 3 crores
  • Loan for purchase of new office, shop, warehouse, godown up to Rs. 25 crores
  • Mortgage loans against all types of properties like Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Warehouse, Cold storage, Plots etc, up to Rs. 25 crores.
  • Loan against rental income from leased properties, also called Lease rental discounting (LRD) up to Rs. 50 crores.
  • Refinance and Debt consolidation loans up to Rs. 25 crores

Secured Working Capital Loan for Trading business :

A working capital loan is availed by trading industry to finance everyday working of a business as well as to meet the short term gap between accounts receivable & accounts payable to vendors. This gap or time period between payment receivable from customers & payment given to suppliers is called as working capital gap. Lower the gap, better is the financial health of the business. Working capital loans are also availed by business to cater seasonal variations in sales like picking up of sales in festival time. Secured working capital loans are backed by property collateral. It is given by banks in form of cash credit, overdraft, term loans, line of credit etc. Short term Working capital demand loan (Wcdl) is also the form of this loan availed by Trading firms. Time required for sanction of such secured working capital loans are 15-25 working days

Unsecured Collateral Free loan for Traders :

Unsecured collateral free business loans or working capital loans are loans provided by banks & financial institutions (mostly private) to small and medium enterprises, only on the financial assessment & credibility of the business. No property collateral is required. We arrange unsecured business loans for small & medium enterprises from Rs.10 lacs to 3 crores. These funds can be used for any purpose of the business.Time required to arrange such unsecured loans is 3-10 working day.
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Mortgage loans for Trading Business :

Loan against property also called as LAP loans or Mortgage loans, is secured loan offered by banks & financial institutions against mortgage of your property. It is the best option to unlock high potential of property to raise finance. This mortgage loan can be availed against various types of properties like Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Plots, warehouse, Cold Storage etc, either owned by business or any of the promoters. Each property will give different loan amount, depending upon its - type, usage & current market value. The best part of this loan is that you are not required to physically hand over the property to banker after mortgage, but you can still keep its possession. Only original documents of the property are taken in to custody by banks. Financial loan eligibility will be based on your business income & it will play important role in loan sanctions. Finance availed under mortgage loans can be utilised for business expansion, purchase, working capital etc. We arrange mortgage loans for Trading business from Rs 25 lacs to Rs. 25 crores & time required for sanction is 7-15 days.
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Property Purchase loans for Trading business :

For every Trading business, having self owned office, warehouse or godown is more profitable than rented premises, when long term business viability is considered. Also, higher fixed assets for a company are useful for claiming higher depreciation, which results in lowering tax burden. In today's scenario, many financial institutions & private banks are ready to fund purchase of property for traders. At, we arrange loans from Rs. 25 lacs to Rs. 25 crores for purchase of all types of properties like office, shop, warehouse, godown etc. Properties, which are purchased for investment purpose (further lease out), can also be financed through & time required for sanction is 10-15 days.
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Lease Rental Discounting Loans:

Lease rental discounting LRD loan, is comparatively easy way of obtaining finance from banks & NBFCs. This loan is sanctioned based upon the future monthly rental income over a period of time and market valuation the property offered as collateral. It is the consideration between the borrower who owns the premises, the tenant who has taken the said premises on lease and the bank or financial institution which is willing to finance against rent. gives you easy access to LRD loan through highly simplified online application form, online documentation & easy loan process for loan from Rs. 25 lacs to Rs. 50 crores & time required for sanction is 7-15 days.
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Refinance of Existing loan to reduce obligation & get Top up:

When the cash flow of Trading business does not match with repayment schedule, it becomes difficult to repay the loan on time. Sometimes, existing banker can not support Trading firms for requirement of extra loans. In such situations, small & medium enterprises can refinance their existing loans, by takeover for higher tenure (10-15 yrs) with lower rate of interest. It will help them to reduce repayment obligation , without affecting credibility. For example: Current outstanding of the loan is Rs. 12 crores, to be repaid in next 3 years i.e. Repayment obligation is Rs.4 cr per year plus interest. Refinance by new finance institution for 12 years with lower interest will give new obligation of Rs.1 crores per year plus interest. Time required for sanction of such loan transfer is 10-20 working days.

Debt Consolidation of various ongoing loans in to one loan:

If the business has many loans going on (Project loans / Unsecured Loans / Machinery Loans) of different amounts and different tenures, consolidation all these loans in one loan for easy repayment and possibly making some properties free, is the lucrative option. Also, with such consolidation, repayment obligation can also be lowered & business will save on interest cost. Time required for such loan consolidation is 15-30 working days.

Documents Required for finance proposal of Trading Business :
  • 3 Years Audited Financials with IT Return, Computation & Detailed Audit Report
  • Last 12 months bank Statements
  • Existing Loan Sanctions letters & Loan Statements
  • MOA/AOA/Partnership Deed
  • KYC of Firm & Directors/Partners
  • Property Documents (if applicable)