Apply for Manufacturing Unit Loan

Finance for Manufacturing Units (Food Processing/Agro/Auto Component/Electrical/Electronics/OEMs),Loan Agaisnt Industrial Property & Machinery Loans up to Rs. 100 Crores Starting at 8.75 % Interest Rates

At, we arrange various Loans for Manufacuturing Units up to Rs.100 Crores, from our lending partners. With our 10 years plus expertise in Finance, we understand needs of Manufacuturing sector well & we are better equipped to extend customized solutions for our customers in this field. Along with arranging fresh loans for manufacturings units ,we are also expert in “Officially Restructuring” existing Debt / loans to reduce repayment burden. We also arrange Unsecured business Loans up to Rs. 5 crores for manufacturing units.

At, we help Manufacturing Units to procure finance for any one or more of following purposes :

1) Arranging fresh term loan /overdraft :

  • Fresh loan for manufacturings & related businesses can be availed for
  • Purchase of land & construction there on (Setting up new manufacturing units)
  • Purchase of ready Industrial property.
  • Expansion of existing business by availing loan against Industrial property.
  • Repay unsecured loans from various private institutions or Directors or Relatives.
  • Working capital finance to take care of day to day operations of manufacturings business.
This loan is generally given against the Collateral security like Land / Building & machinery & can be sanctioned & disbursed within a span of 15-30 working days.

2) Official restructuring of existing loan to reduce obligation

When the cash flow of business does not match with loan repayment schedule, it becomes difficult to repay the loan on time. In such situations, we can help manufacturings firms by “official restructuring” of existing loan for higher tenure (12-15 yrs) with lower rate of interest. It will help them to reduce per Month loan obligation, without affecting credibility. For example: Current outstanding of the loan is Rs. 12 crores, to be repaid in next 3 years i.e. Repayment obligation is Rs.4 cr per year plus interest. We can transfer this loan to other finance institution, for 10 years with lower rate rate of interest. Hence new obligation will be Rs.1.2 crore per year plus interest. This new loan can also be Pre-closed in future, if cash flow improves.Time required for such loan transfer is 20-30 working days.

3) Transfer high interest loan to low interest loans

We help manufacturings firms to transfer its high interest loans to with low interest loan. It will help them to save interest drastically.

4) Consolidation of many loans in to one loan

If you have many loans going on (Project loans / Unsecured Loans /Machinery Loans) of different amounts and different tenures, we can arrange to consolidate all these loans in one loan for easy repayment and possibly making some properties free. Also, with such consolidation, manufacturing firms will save on interest cost.Time required for such loan consolidation is 20-30 working days.

5) Top up on existing loan

Sometimes, due to some reasons, existing banker can not support manufacturings firms for requirement of extra loans. In this case, we can help them to transfer the existing loan to new financer with top up amount on existing loan, without taking additional security.

6) Loan for purchase of Equipements

We also arrange Collateral free equipment /Machinery loans for Manufacturing units, for purchase of various equipments. These loans are available maximum up to 90% of invoice cost of equipements.

7) Unsecured loans for Manufacturings Units

We arrange unsecured loan (without any property collateral) for manufacturings from Rs. 50 lacs to 5 crores. These funds can be used for any purpose of the business & is available for businesess which has minimum stability of 3 years. Time required to arrange such unsecured loans is 5-10 working days.

Documents Required for finance proposal of Hotels /Restaurants / Bar / Resorts :
  • 3 Years Audited Financials with IT Return, Computation & Detailed Audit Report
  • Last 12 months bank Statements
  • Existing Loan Sanctions letters & Loan Statements
  • MOA/AOA/Partnership Deed
  • KYC of Firm & Directors/Partners
  • Property Documents (if applicable)